Mentor-Supervisor Resources

Thank you for your interest or participation in the Student Success Internship. Please utilize this page as a resource.

If you are interested in participating in the Student Success Internship experience, review the Mentor-Supervisor Participation Requirement. Also, when serving as an internship site you will be asked to complete the Proposed Internship Description form. Please familiarize yourself with both forms.

As a Student Success Intern Mentor-Supervisor, you will be asked to complete and submit a Mentor-Supervisor Agreement. Your role also includes completing a Learning Contract along with your intern. At certain segments of the internship experience, you will be asked to complete or review assessment for data. For example, students will be completing a Student Success Internship Intake Assessment at the beginning and an Intern Self-Evaluation at the end of the internship. We will ask you to review and analyze the information to advance, enhance and improve the program.