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Intern Professional Development Contract (SAMPLE)



Supervisor:   Name:


                        Campus Address:



Instructor:    Name:




Internship Environment Description

Describe the department's enviornment:

What is the department's focus?

What is the department's staffing structure?

Why is the department important to the UC Merced community?

Why is the department important to the UC Merced student population?


Internship Work and Timeframe Schedule

The internship will consist of         hours of involvement, scheduled as follows:

Start date:

End date:

Office hours:

Expectations to these hours will be completed as follows:

          Thanksgiving (the last Thursday of November - Saturday)

  • Second Tuesday of December will substitute for Thanksgiving.

On some other occasions, the intern and site supervisor may agree to substitute alternative hours to allow the intern to participate in functions of the unit that occur outside of these hours. It is understood; however, that the intern is not obligated to hours outside of those that are scheduled. 


The internship with                                   <Department> will provide professional experience in the following two-three core competency areas:                                                                        and                                   . The following describes the specific learning goals and the specific actions, responsibilities and projects the intern will undertake to achieve learning about the core competencies:

  • To learn about                                    
    • ​​
  • To learn about                                    
  • To learn about                                    ​​


Formative supervision and evaluations will be used to learn from this internship experience.

Formative Supervision: Throughout the term, students will engage in the following measures to professionally develop them as they engage in the internship experience.

  • Meet biweekly with                          <Supervisor> to:
    • Discuss issues observed in the office and university setting.
    • Discuss observations related to project status.
    • Provide a channel for feedback on my completed work and current task progress.
    • Discuss any other topics that pertain to the internship or position.
  • Maintain timely and frequent communications with the internship supervisor regarding my progress and experience.

Formative Evaluation:


We, the undersigned, accept the terms of this agreement inclusive of necessary minor changes enacted within the spirit of the document. Major change; however, will require revision and re-signature.



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Internship Applicant



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Internship Site Supervisor



First Name, Last Name                             Date

Internship Instructor