Mentor-Supervisor Agreement

Mentor-Supervisor Participation Agreement

Student Success Internship Program (SAMPLE)

In the interest of providing undergraduate interns with formative internship experiences that will prepare them, in conjunction with their academic preparation, to meet professional and future academic challenges, the Student Success Intern and the mentor-supervisor enter into this agreement regarding supervision and internship projects:

     A. Complete an internship agreement with the undergraduate intern.

     B. Provide the undergraduate intern with an orientation to the department (e.g., programs, services, interaction with the broader university system).

     C. Be accessible to the undergraduate intern.

     D. Hold biweekly meetings with the intern.

     E. Provide the undergraduate intern guidance, feedback, education and training.

     F. Engage the undergraduate intern's professional curiosity, questions, skill development and professional growth needs.

     G. Complete semesterly assessments of the intern and the program.

     H. Assign projects that add to the undergraduate intern's understanding of the university structure and process.

     I. Identify projects that have a discernable result or product at the end of the experience.

     J. Support the undergraduate intern through the different states of project execution and development.

     K. Direct the undergraduate intern in developing time management, delegation and prioritization skills.

     L. Monitor and ensure that the undergraduate intern has a primary role in the coordination and implementation of the project, and that the student has a professional or paraprofessional level of responsibility.

     M. Ensure that the undergraduate intern's effort are devoted to skill cultivation: leadership, team building, decision-making, communication, project completion and other administrative skills.

By signing this form, the mentor-supervisor agrees to serve as a host for the Student Success Internship Program, for the purpose of providing experiences and activities appropriate for the undergraduate intern as a future professional.


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