What is the Student Success Internship Program?

With funding from the University of California Office of the President, the Division of Student Affairs and the Office Undergraduate Education have developed an undergraduate internship program called the Student Success Internship (SSI). The SSI Program is focused at providing professional development opportunities within UC Merced campus departments. Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to gain professional experience to advance toward a career or graduate school setting. Interns work with mentor-supervisor to develop professional skills and take an active role in creating, developing and engaging in projects within their assigned department.

The internships are centered on the UC Merced campus or its satellite locations. Participating departments design internship positions and designate a supervisor-mentor to guide and support the intern as they undertake professional and institutionally meaningful projects.
In 2017-18,  the Student Success Internship program will be able to fund 30 undergraduate internship positions. The interns participate in an 8 month-long internship and receive a stipend up to $4,000. 

Who can participate?

Undergraduates who have been enrolled for at least one semester at the time of application with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA may participate. In addition, students must be in good standing academically and in terms of conduct, and be able to carry a full course load and still be able to devote 10 to 18 hours per week to the internship.

Are these paid internships?

Yes, the pay rate for the SSI internships are $15.00 per hour up to $4000.

How do I apply?

Undergraduate students can apply here.

Departments interested in having an intern can apply here.

How much time will the internship require/ how long do these internships last?

Interns are permitted to work up to 18 per week during the duration of the internship position. Most internships will require 10-15 hours per week. This will depend on your internship site. Internships will last for from October 2017 - April 2018. The internship schedule adheres to all University recognized holidays, Spring break and breaks in-between semesters. 

What is the Student Success Internship Timeline?

Monday, September 25th, 2017: Department Intern Project Proposals Due by 11:59 pm.
Week of October 2nd, 2017: Internship Project Sites Selected and Departments Notified
  • Student Recruitment Begins - Happenings Announcement with Internship locations
  • Mandatory Orientation Sessions for all Internship Site Supervisors - Times and Dates TBA

Mid Oct. 2017: Student Success Internships Begin!

April 2018: Student Success Internship Poster Symposium (Time and Date - TBA)