Mentor Participation Requirements

Student Success Internship (SSI) Program Mentor/Supervisor Participation Requirements

  • Each department must submit an SSI project proposal. The 2019-20 proposal process has closed.

If selected, the following are SSI program mentor/supervisor requirements:

  • Hold bi-weekly meetings with student intern.

  • Be accessible to the intern.

  • Provide the internship guidance, feedback, education and training.

  • Engage the intern’s professional curiosity questions, skills development and professional growth needs.

  • Provide the intern with an orientation to the department (e.g., programs, services, interaction with the broader university system).

  • Complete intern and program assessments.

  • Identify projects that have an identifiable result or product at the end of the intern’s assignment.

  • Support the intern through the different stages of project execution and development.

  • Monitor and ensure that the intern has a primary role in the coordination and implementation of the project and that the intern has a professional or paraprofessional level of responsibility.

  • Complete an internship contract and learning agreement with the intern. Both will be provided a the mandatory supervisor orientation. 

  • Ensure that the intern’s efforts are devoted to skill cultivation: leadership, team building, decision-making, communication, project completion and other administrative skills.

  • Direct the intern in developing time management, delegation and prioritization skills.

Submit Your Proposal: 2091-20 Department Intern Project Proposal opened on August 20th, 2019 and the clsoed on September 13th, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PST. 


If for any reason you have trouble completing the application, please contact us at